Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tex Mex Stovetop Casserole

Well, I'm not really sure I would consider my version of this recipe to be a "casserole" so much as a hearty pasta soup maybe? Good thing there's no photo on the website with the recipe. It's easier to pretend mine turned out perfectly that way.

As usual, a few substitutions and deletions in my version. Lacking the motivation to hit the grocery store again, I chopped up 1 1/3 carrots malingering in the fridge in lieu of celery. I ate the remainder of the second carrot raw. I used an entire can of black beans so as not to have a container of rinsed black beans sitting in the fridge with no purpose. I have no idea if my sausage was the appropriate mild. It was in the freezer and I cooked it. End of story.

My macaroni was that "smart" kind that looks white but is better for you than white. I think at some point I must have mixed in the remainder of a box of whole wheat macaroni as there were some suspiciously dark pieces in the box, but I have no actual memory of having done so. I used 2 cups of the chicken broth still in the fridge in lieu of the water. Frozen corn got translated to frozen-peas-and-carrots-already-in-the-freezer while hot sauce became something-close-to-1-tsp-of-paprika-but-I-didn't-measure-it-exactly-because-it-wouldn't-shake-well. The cumin got deleted altogether because I didn't own any, and the salt was omitted because I said so.

Pretty easy to make as long as you read the recipe carefully like me and realize that the sausages are supposed to go in the pot already cooked and my package said they're not cooked. Simple to fix. Just don't get distracted on Facebook or they'll be a little charred. Fret not, the rest of the ingredients will cover that smoky flavour and you'll end up with a delicious hot bowl of yum!

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