Monday, November 2, 2009

Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Soup

I picked this recipe originally because I thought the cheddar cheese was cooked into the soup. That way, I could use up some of the cheese in my fridge. After I went grocery shopping and actually read the recipe to the end, I realized the cheese stands alone...on top of the soup.

I made a few mods to this recipe. I hacked up the hapless wiggly celery hiding at the back of the fridge, and added a carrot for good measure. Soups are a good way to hide vegetables, especially soups that you blend. I used a 900mL tetra of chicken stock in lieu of the stock/water combination those tricky Kraft people list. You want me to drag out the can opener, dump out the can, then fill it up and dump it out again - twice? No. Not so much when I can shake, snap open, and pour. Nice try, Krafties, but you forgot about my lazy streak. Oh, and the first onion I tried to chop was disintegrating so I chucked it. I also cut back a bit on the milk due to 284mL of broth/water x 3 not quite equalling the 900 mL of broth I used.

My version turned out darker than the Kraft-photographed one but I didn't use photo shop. It was probably the extra veggies in mine that changed the colour. I also started compiling a list of things that can get done while waiting for stupid vegetables to cook or for soup to boil. I'm taking multi-tasking to a whole new day.

By this, my 23rd recipe, I've also learned that I can chop vegetables in time to my iPod if I have the right bpm playing. How cool is that? I could take my show on the road! And I was even using the semi-scary knife, not my cute little yellow paring knife. The only tricky part is when I run out of veggies and have to slow down so that I don't mangle a finger. I could probably work that into the song if I practiced enough. I'll put it on my to-do list, right after: "Open my own soup kitchen".

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