Friday, November 27, 2009

Hot Fudge Monday

Sorry, no direct recipe link for this one. I borrowed the Looneyspoons cookbook from my best friend Sue. If you have your own copy, it's on page 145.

I had feared this recipe for a little while because my brain made it seem more complicated than it was. That, and the fearful "DO NOT STIR!" warning in the last paragraph...Really though, my fears were unfounded. Yes, adding boiling water to a perfectly nice-looking chocolate ensemble was a little odd, but the end result was fine.

Pretty simple list of ingredients for this recipe and I didn't substitute any. Heck, they even wanted me to use the skim milk I already had in the fridge! I had to put this recipe off by a day, however, when I realized I didn't have enough brown sugar to complete things. By the time I returned from the store yesterday, I was too tired to start baking. It's amazing how much more quickly ingredients need replacing when you actually start to use them more than once every three years....

The texture of this recipe is a little odd. It's kind of like a soft, slightly-jelly-ish chocolate cake with chocolate pudding sauce. It's nice and chocolatey, but the texture takes a little getting used to. Overall impression: pretty good for a low-fat chocolate dessert option. Try it yourself and let me know how yours turns out.

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