Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cinnamon Oatmeal Breakfast Pudding

Ok, in theory, this recipe sounded good. In the real life tasting department, it's kind of bland and gross with a rather disgusting aftertaste. Don't say I didn't warn you...

I realize that I've made a lot of soups recently, in part because I can freeze them in servings and have an easy meal. I thought I'd try a "real" breakfast recipe this time because I'm tired of eating soup for breakfast this week. There's a girl on the night shift at work who cringes when I come out of the lunch room at 6:30am toting my tortellini/casserole/soup for breakfast.

I had all the ingredients on hand for this recipe and I found it on the Healthy Living website (see above) so I thought I'd give it a go. Good way to use up eggs and oats too. Simple to make. I made it while waiting for my soup to finish simmering which it seems to have forgotten how to do. That'll be the next blogged recipe, btw.

I was a little leery about adding the egg mixture to boiling water (eggs will cook and I don't want to know about that in what I'm eating), but that's what it said to do so that's what I did. Sure enough, there were some suspiciously white pieces floating around in the water almost instantly. I quickly measured and stirred in the oats to cover them up. Yuck, looks kind of vile.

Finished product resembles oatmeal for the most part. I added a handful of dried cranberries at the end because I'm trying to use them up and they're probably good for me. I happen to have used homo milk because I had it on hand for a recipe coming up. I tasted the mixture while spooning it into a bowl and quickly added sugar which I almost never do to oatmeal. That might explain why I had to hunt down the sugar and couldn't find the Splenda. Then I added milk to my gloppy bowl of fun to further dilute the odd taste. I know this is a healthy breakfast, but I'm still trying not to think about the itty bitty white strings of egg that I can see. I'll think twice before making this one again.

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