Sunday, January 15, 2012

French Bistro Chicken & Potato Salad

I meant to make this recipe about a week ago, but I kept balking because I didn't know how long to cook the potatoes for. Strange, but true. I googled it eventually and made this recipe today. My whole point was to use up some of the potatoes I've got on hand since we don't eat them very often.
I made a few modifications to this recipe. I only had regular Miracle-Whip on hand. My potatoes are the regular brown ones, not fancy baby red ones. I weighed them out to the same 1 lb. called for which was 3 of mine. I weighed out 1/4 lb. of frozen, french-cut green beans, then ran them under hot water in a colander to thaw them. I had to squeeze out the excess water by hand so that the end product wouldn't be too watery. I omitted the onions because I hate raw ones. My parsely and thyme were dried because I accidently killed my thyme plant and I'm out of squeeze tube parsely. I thought I had the proper salad dressing, but when I discovered I didn't, I used nearly 1 tbsp. of balsamic vinegar that I found in the cupboard.
The most PITA part of the recipe was chopping & cooking the chicken and potatoes. The rest was easy! My end product was tasty - I enjoyed it in a warmed pita as a sandwich. While it was -16C out today (before wind chill), I thought of summer while I ate my potato salad.

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  1. You're getting good @ substitutions. Sounds tasty. I think those red potatoes are a little stickier and sweeter, or maybe people just like the colour in salads. Kind of a PITA with the water in frozen vegs indeed.