Saturday, January 7, 2012

Unfried French Fries

Recipe #86:
Happy New Year! Sorry about the recent lack of updates. It was one hell of a fall semester, then I went home for the holidays. Now I'm back in Calgary and my mom is no longer making dinner each night. Sad face.
I chose this recipe for a couple of reasons:
1) I'm trying to keep eating better this year and this is one of Kraft's "makeover" recipes in which they provide a healthier way to eat the same foods.
2) We have a lot of potatoes at home (ignoring the fact that I had to go buy baking potatoes since none of our are that kind...)
About the only alternation I made with this recipe was that my parmesan cheese was the regular kind, not the lighter kind. We have an awful lot of it so I wasn't about to go buy more. Wait...that sounds a bit like the potatoes.... I digress.
I used Kraft's suggestion for cutting the potatoes (see bottom of the link above), but when they say 1/4" width, they really mean it. Some of mine were thicker than that, and they were the ones that were still crunchy after cooking. Take note. Also, I don't know if it was just the baking sheet I used (the only clean one I could find), but I wasn't able to get them all on it in a single layer so I had some overlap. That also contributed to some crunching, I'm sure. I used aluminum foil instead of cooking spray since I thought it would wreck the non-stick pan, but you really do need to use cooking spray both below and on top of the potatoes. Otherwise, you'll be eating aluminum foil, too. Take my word for it.
Overall, crunchiness notwithstanding, these were tasty. They were a bit more similar to potato wedges rather than fries, but they had a nice flavour and were filling. I had mine with a salad and cup-o-soup.

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