Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chicken and Brown Rice Soup

Recipe #90:
Well, one could say that both recipes today are chicken-heavy, but I opted to make this one with mushrooms replacing the chicken, to give my GI tract some more vegetables. Since it's the cold-and-flu, back-to-school, bloody-hell-cold time of year out here in Calgary, I thought it wise to have some healthy soup on hand to keep my busy body going strong.
I guess you could say my version is semi-vegetarian. As stated before, I used mushrooms (about 7 large ones) in lieu of the chicken. I used up the beef stock (25% less sodium version for all of my stocks) in the fridge which came to 1.5 cups of the 8 total. I used chicken stock for the remaining 6.5 cups. We didn't have any brown rice on hand so I used jasmine rice. The kale was an interesting project to chop and chop and chop.....
In terms of cooking notes, I ended up heating 1 cup of stock at the beginning after the 1/2 cup called for did not seem to be enough. Part of that could have been my warped aluminum camping pot that I used... I still haven't found the bay leaf in the pot to remove it as directed. I'll get to that when I find it. The rest of the cooking went quite smoothly. My end product is hot, nutritious and delicious! The kale is a wee bit crunchy-ish, but wilted and tender at the same time. I look forward to this soup for lunch tomorrow when the expected temperature is due to peak at -22C with a windchill of -32C...

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  1. Great winter food! I would think it better the kale be a bit crunchy than overcooked, and fewer nutrients lost as well. That jasmine rice tends to be sticky and would probably cook faster than real brown rice, fyi.