Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yogurt Bran Muffins

Let's see how the folks at Canadian Living measure up to those crafty people at Kraft, shall we?

Well, I'm back to attempting desserts or dessert-esque recipes, at least for this one. It's been a long stretch of mostly dinners so I thought I'd try something different. The muffins are still cooling on the rack so I don't yet know how they taste, but they sure smell good! Better still, using the oven heated up my place a bit so I'm no longer freezing.

Does anyone have any use for about 400g of bran? Not the cereal, the flaky stuff that looks like what my hamster and gerbil used to sleep in. I seem to have a lot of it left, but that was the only size available at the grocery. Oh well, I guess I'll be very regular for an indefinite period of time.

I did quite well with this recipe, taste-test notwithstanding. The only part I need to improve would be the end, where it says to PRESS the remaining apricot pieces into the muffin batter. If you don't read that part like me, and simply drop them on top of the batter, they will burn and you'll have to pick them off before you take a photo of your otherwise masterful product.

A word here: The recipe says it makes 12 muffins, and to fill the muffin cups 3/4 full. Not so much if your muffin pans are like mine. I rewrote the recipe to say "Fill the muffin cups to heaping because you have a ton of batter".

Tomorrow, I have to return an extra bag of oats (different recipe - I was planning ahead but didn't realize I already had some), a surplus container of baking powder (found some in the cupboard while trying to find the muffin pan liners), and figure out how I ended up with 4 boxes of baking soda, all in different parts of the kitchen.

: Yum! These muffins are good. They're nice and moist inside, and mine was still warm when I ate it. I don't, however, recommend eating too many in a day, seeing as the recipe has both bran and apricots in it - two ingredients known for helping to um, "regulate" your GI tract. I once ate a couple of handfuls of dried apricots in about a 10 minute span and paid the price for hours. I had no friends that day...

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