Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slow Food

We've all had experiences with slow food: pots that don't boil no matter how much you will them to with your Jedi mind tricks, frozen stuff that seems to take forever to thaw when you're starving because you forgot to thaw it ahead of time, glacial service in restaurants like I had with my friend Janice on the weekend. But there's a particular kind of slow food that I googled in a moment of curious boredom today. I heard about the Slow Food movement from my friend Ivano a while back. He's got an interest in it, no doubt in part because he's an Italian chef and the movement started in Italy. Ivano likes to think that Italy is the centre of the universe. I always sigh and correct him gently: Toronto is. Then he insists that Toronto just copied Italy. We laugh a lot.

Anyway, I found the objectives of the Slow Food movement to be pretty interesting. I like the idea behind it and the message it conveys. I'm just too cheap, rushed, and lazy at this point to undertake it much on my own. To me, the slow way to make Kraft Dinner is on the stove and that takes too long.

Luckily in London (ON), there are some good places to get locally grown/made goods, often year-round. For anyone familiar with the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto: , London has their own version in the Covent Garden Market downtown:

I'm hoping to go apple picking near here in a few weeks which, if the stars align themselves properly, could possibly yield me some apple pie, my favourite! I don't think I'll be the one baking it though. I've still got dessert from last week clogging up the fridge.

Here are some links for more information:

Anyone have their own experiences with the Slow Food movement?

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