Monday, October 5, 2009

Creamy Chicken & Rice Bake

How ironic that I'm writing this as the smoke detector for the troll's lair downstairs has been going off for about a minute. That's usually what happens to me when I cook. I can hear her dragging a chair around, probably because of her lack of stature. I just hope she doesn't take the battery out and forget to put it back in.

Well, another recipe done that looks mostly like the photo on the website I got it from (link above). I only ran into a couple of "issues" with this one.

I bought the few ingredients I needed on my way home, and started thawing the chicken as soon as I was home. Oh ho! I'm learning to think ahead in the cooking department. Unfortunately, when I hauled out all the ingredients, I realized that I had just about every other kind of soup except cream of chicken. I ended up using low fat cream of celery, mostly because I had two cans for some unknown reason, and really had no idea when or in what I would ever end up using them.

I didn't really have any onion powder, nor was I about to buy yet another spice I'll use twice and leave sitting on the shelf for 6 years. I dug some onion soup mix powder out of the cupboard and used the required amount from that, managing to mostly avoid the little dried bits of whatever that come with the powder. I hate onion soup.

The rice? Well, yes, the rice was a bit of a problem. Not one I had seen coming either. In my planning brilliance, I failed to realize that just because I had a box of rice sitting in the cupboard, that did not automatically translate to having enough actual rice inside the box. I came up just shy of the 3/4 cup required, and knew enough that making up the difference with the instant rice on the shelf would not necessarily bring the desired result. Not yet at least. What I also didn't think of at the time was to simply adjust my added water to account for the missing rice. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 for a reason.

When my dish came out of the oven still quite soupy, I figured out the lack of rice and non-adjustment of water was almost certainly to blame. That would save me blaming myself for jerry-thawing the frozen vegetables under hot water at the last minute, thereby potentially inadvertedly adding undesired extra water to the recipe. Nope, wasn't that. I have now fixed the soupy problem by making some extra instant rice on the stove and stirring it into the pan. You can hardly even tell it didn't come out like that, or so I keep telling myself.

I don't really know yet how the whole thing tastes because I got tired of waiting for it to cook and had a burger for dinner instead. The chicken/rice combo is for lunch tomorrow.

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