Monday, January 4, 2010

Timesaver Beef and Tomato

Well, since I've been off the recipe track for a while, I thought I'd start back with a fairly simple one. It was chosen predominantly to fulfill my desire to eat up meat and soup at home, both of which I seem to have a lot of.

Nothing terribly exciting or complicated about this recipe, and only a few substitution/modifications on my part. I didn't have fresh oregano (I haven't been home much over the last couple of weeks) so I used 2 generous tbsp of dried oregano. I may have used a bit too much, in hindsight, but at least the dish has flavour of some kind. I got to crack open my garlic powder for the first time which was kind of exciting. Best not to get too carried away with that one.

I used a mixture of omega-3 and multigrain rotini pasta to finish off the box of one and open a new box of the other. They had the same cooking time so I figured what the hell, live dangerously! The suggested mozzarella cheese became what little cheddar I had left, and the difference in marble that I had just bought. Mozzarella is probably a better suggestion if you have a choice. I just didn't want to be stuck with a lot of mozzarella cheese afterward so I picked the marble which I would eat by itself. I bought sliced (fresh) mushrooms since they were the same price as the diy ones, but I'd recommend hacking some of those giant pieces up to cook them. I just used the side of my spatula while they were in the pot, but I guess most people would use a knife before adding them.

I didn't really cry at all while chopping the onion for this recipe. That's a big improvement since August. Maybe my cooking heart is becoming more hardened, ha! I drained the meat/mushroom/onion mixture after cooking it even though the recipe didn't mention draining. I'd recommend doing so unless your meat doesn't leach any moisture when you cook it. I used extra lean ground beef, just in case you're taking notes. I had some difficulty with the draining because I suddenly realized that my other crappy oven mitt was at the bottom of the clean laundry hamper in the other room that I hadn't folded yet, and I was too lazy to go dig it out so I used two potholders. Pretty tricky and the contents are hot. I'd recommend oven mitts but not mine.

I noted late that the cheese was supposed to be sprinkled on, but I vigorously mixed mine in after sprinkling it so my photo looks different than the Campbell's one. Mine's better :) It's a tasty recipe, filling too. There's a bit more meat in it than what I'm used to of late, but if that doesn't bother you, then you'll probably like this recipe too.

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