Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chocolate-Orange Pancakes

My flipping skills need work. Like, a lot of work. As in there is batter flung all over the stove and me....

Well, if you are an enjoyer of Terry's Chocolate Oranges and other such treats, you'll probably enjoy these pancakes one heck of a lot. They have chocolate and orange too.... kind of what it sounds like.

I only ran into one major issue with this recipe, besides my newly discovered ability to create a big mess by slinging batter around. I melted the butter as directed for this recipe, but when I added it to the bowl with the rest of the wet ingredients, I was horrified to discover lumps of weird stuff when I began to stir. The butter unmelted itself when it hit the cold eggs and buttermilk. I fished out most of the lumps and remelted them, but this time I didn't add them back to the mixture until it was already half-mixed with the dry ingredients. Next time, I'll either let the buttermilk and eggs warm to room temperature, or hold off on adding any butter until almost the end of the mixing. Also, I really don't think 1/4 cup of butter is completely necessary. One could probably get by fine using slightly less butter.

Beware also how much batter you put in the pan. I made one pancake at a time and it's a good thing I did! I didn't measure them out to the suggested 1/4 cup which could have been part of the problem. Instead, I used a ladle that I found in my drawer although I used slightly less than a whole ladleful for each pancake. Problem is, the batter spreads across the hot pan so that by the time you're ready to flip the pancake, it's larger than your flipper spatula thing in my case. I felt as though I was flipping the world's biggest pancakes, and I had to do so in a hurry since the sides of it were hanging precariously off the flipper. My haste is how I ended up with batter splatter so keep that in mind for your versions...

Well, I'm done cooking now. I was a little worried about the pancakes tasting too "orange-y", but if anything, they're quite chocolately so that's all good. I cooked a few of them a little longer than I should have, mostly because I was distracted by having my laptop in the kitchen with me. Note to self: Don't play Bejeweled Blitz when I'm supposed to be watching for bubbles in the batter. The only part I'm not 100% fond of is the buttery-ness of the pancakes. Again, I think the 1/4 cup is a little excessive. It makes them tasty but kind of greasy. Since I'm a little horrified at the nutritional value of 3 pancakes, I'm only eating two tonight and I'll freeze the rest for instant dinners/breakfast-on-the-go at some future point.

This'll be my last recipe for the next little while. I'm off to the No PST Province on Thursday for a mini snowboarding vacation, hooray! Happy Holidays to all my loyal readers. See you when I'm back :)

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