Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cocoa Banana Bran Muffins

Recipe #93: http://www.all-bran.ca/en/recipedetails.aspx?RecipetypeID=23225

I have 5 words for these muffins: So. Good. And. So. Easy

These muffins came at a good time. It seems that the bunch of bananas I bought all decided to ripen at once and it was hard to eat them fast enough. I don't really like very ripe bananas. I used to give my mum fits because I normally eat bananas that are still somewhat green. Therefore, when I ended up with 3 quite ripe ones left, I started looking for a recipe.

What I like about this recipe is that I had everything on hand already. As far as ingredients go, I did not substitute anything. I happened to use organic free-range brown eggs and organic fair-trade cocoa powder, but everything else was ordinary.

The ingredients were really simple to assemble. I used muffin cup liners instead of spraying the pans, but I ommitted the banana slices on top of each pile of batter. The muffins sure smell good while they bake!

The end product is hot, soft and delicious. The chocolate and banana make an awesome combination (something I don't indulge in very often), and I didn't even notice the added benefit of fibre. I reheated one this morning for 20 seconds on power level 5 in the microwave for an excellent breakfast. I recommend you try one, too.

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